The Best Career Opportunities for Business Majors

Deciding to study business in college will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities. But with so many different degrees being offered and the myriad of fields seeking new employees annually, it might seem a little daunting to make a decision. So before you declare your major at Loyola Marymount University, it pays to learn more about the various positions available to business majors.
These are just some of the options you’ll find waiting for you upon graduation.

Business Development Manager

A business development manager is always on the hunt for new opportunities to maximize a company’s revenue and seeking out new streams of income. This position is tasked with tracking down the right strategic relationships to help the company grow, gather intelligence on buying trends and the moves being made by industry competitors, and providing an informed and measured analysis of the marketplace with an eye on growth.

Media Supervisor

This individual is tasked with ensuring the company is well-represented in all formats of media. That includes identifying the right newspapers, radio and TV programs, and social media platforms on which to advertise the brand or product that the company offers to the public. They are in charge of setting the company’s advertising budget for the most visibility at the lowest cost.

IT Project Manager

Information technology experts are always in high demand, but a project manager is a particularly critical position in any major corporation because this individual is responsible for building project plans for the creation of new products as well as the release strategies for those products. They are also tasked with keeping all departments on deadline and distributing resources among all relevant participants. They play a valuable role in any large organization.

Account Executive

You’ll find account executives in a wide range of fields from insurance companies to brokerages to retail stores to advertising and accounting firms. The job of the account executive is to oversee the business relationship between the company and the client to make sure all of the needs of the customer are met successfully. You need to have a working knowledge of the product or service you’re managing as well as sharp people skills.

Regional Sales Manager

Working in this role within an organization requires strong sales skills as well as deep knowledge of finance and statistics. A regional sales manager is tasked with creating goals and quotas for their personnel, based upon the current trends in the marketplace and the behaviors of the buying public. They are always seeking out new sales opportunities and have a hand in direct sales training programs for company representatives.

Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager oversees many aspects of the development of construction jobs. These include buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, and so forth. They are in charge of creating the budget for a job, overseeing the development and progress of the job, and maintaining and monitoring the structural integrity of the job after it’s been completed.