How to Run a More Efficient Fleet for Your Business

As a fleet manager, it falls to you to run the most efficient fleet possible, with cars coming in on time and costs coming out even with each job. However, with so many different aspects of the work, it can be hard to keep track of everything going on, especially when you manage a business fleet. Keeping the system efficient doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to keep track of your fleet and make it the most efficient it can be.

Set Purchasing Guidelines

As a fleet manager, it’s important to know about everything that’s going on within your fleet, from specific driver performance to each individual purchase made. Keeping track of costs is your number one job, and unless you create strict guidelines for drivers and maintenance workers, it will be easy for specific costs to fall through the tracks. Set purchasing guidelines when it comes to vehicles and disposal costs, and make sure everyone sticks to them no matter what.

Be Detail Oriented

It’s up to you to bring in jobs on time and under cost. With this in mind, there are a number of services you can use that will help your fleet efficiently complete jobs and hold each driver responsible for the quality of their work. Whether you decide to invest in a reliable and time-saving fleet-wide gps system like Quarles gps fleet tracking, or look into saving money on fuel and maintenance by switching to hybrid cars, there are many resources that will help you find long term ways to save for your company.

Save on Fuel Costs

One of the biggest costs you’ll have to deal with is the rising cost fuel. Weighing the benefits of green cars, diesel engines, and propane engines is always a great way to keep on top of fuel costs while watching the market for changing trends in pricing. Some things will remain out of your control, but if you keep an eye on the market and invest in fuel cards, you’ll be able to save in the long run.

Make Safety a Priority

When it comes to protecting your fleet, you have to be aware of your cars and your personnel. While cost-saving is one of the most important parts of your job, it should never supersede safety for your drivers or your equipment. When safety is set aside, the cost adds up one way or another. This can be either in maintenance costs, hospital bills, or staff shortages.


Set Goals for Yourself and Your Team

Caring for your team is a huge part of your job. You set the standard for your fleet, and if they see you making and meeting goals, they’ll follow suit. Make sure each of your drivers knows that you hold them to a high standard, and encourage them to go above and beyond their assignments in terms of quality and personal rigor. Goal setting can also be a crucial part of team-building, and it’s important to always remember that your fleet is your team. No matter what you’re doing separately, you’re always working together for the good of each other and the company.