What Is an MBA Program Like?

We fear the unknown because it fills us with apprehension. But there’s no need to fear your MBA program because we’re going to review all of the basics of your class requirements, course load, and even the amount of homework you can expect. These things will vary based on the school you’re attending and the particular specialization that you’ve chosen to pursue. So while some of these facets may not be exactly what you encounter in your program, they are the common components of most MBA programs at schools all across the country.

General Business Classes

You have to learn to walk before you can run a business. So the first year of your MBA program will typically consist of all your core courses, which are general business classes that cover all of the fundamental principles and disciplines of business. Getting an MBA starts with these foundational topics of study, which include basic accounting, management, organizational behavior, finance, marketing, and economics. Your specialization courses may also begin at this stage of the program as well, with some introductory courses in the particular specialty you’re pursuing.

Participation is Important

You only get out what you put in. Such is life and so is your MBA program, so if you’ve chosen to take classes at UC Santa Barbara or opted for Maryville’s online mba, you are going to be expected to be a full and active participant in classroom discussions, group assignments, and study groups. Your professor will be eager to engage with you to hear your analysis and opinions on topics of the day and steer your thinking into new and innovative ways to think out of the box and solve complex business challenges that you’re likely going to encounter in the real world. Much of this study will be done by working with actual case studies and hypothetical instances that occur every day. It’s important that you are willing to participate with your peers in the classroom and in your study group. The exchange of ideas and assessments among your fellow students can be a vital part of your education.

The Amount of Homework

Yes, you’re likely going to be inundated with homework in your MBA program. So much of it that it may seem as if they’re intentionally overworking you. It can be even more comprehensive and intense if you’re taking an accelerated program. There is a considerable amount of reading ahead and while no one will be able to retain every last word on the page, you will be expected to retain at least the major points so that you can participate in class discussions and complete assignments. You will also be expected to hand in a lot of written essays, reports, analyses, and the like. You may want to bone up on your Power Point skills as well since you’ll be making presentations in class, just as you would to a meeting of supervisors or investors.